Our Bulls

Why Cattlemen Choose Our Bulls

  • High Altitude “PAP” Testing for 38 Years!
    • A base cow herd raised in harsh conditions that naturally culls the poor performers
    • These cattle have excelled on the desert and high alpine elevations for over 100 years, Cows calve 100% unassisted
    • These bulls work under any environment
  • Proven program
    • Dependable, balanced, consistent breeding program
    • No chasing of “fads” or “silver bullets”
  • Guaranteed Sound and Fertile
  • Developed on a high roughage diet a Data with integrity
  • There is no “funny business” when it comes to animal weights, measurements, etc.
  • We’ve also heard rumors that many of you come for Diane’s BBQ Beef and Prairie Fire Beans!

Annual High-Altitude Bull Sale with over 200 bulls April 14, 2018
800-44-BULLS (800-442-8557) | Request a catalog: jewestfall@gmail.com